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I started a new(ish) art tumblr and have been posting fairly regularly for the past few weeks. I'll be continuing to do so, too. If anyone is interested:

Big thanks to everyone faving, watching, commenting, and just in general being lovely supportive people :heart:
October/Halloween update:

I just started an art twitter, too! For those who aren't tumblr fans, you can follow me @LizzyJohnArt! Still have to decide on a banner D:
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Sorry for the long absence yet again, though at least this time it's counted in months rather than years!

Wanna give a late shoutout to everyone who supported PAPA as well, I think you guys should be getting your paperbacks around now... Thanks so much in helping making the funding successful :) I hope you are enjoying/will enjoy the finished product!

Also got a question to ask of any possible readers out there:  Would anybody be interested in seeing a sketch/wip blog by me? I'd be posting roughly the same amount of finished work but there's a whole lot of crappy sketchbook drawings and digital doodles nobody ever sees. Thinking about setting up a tumblr.
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Hello! Just thought I'd make a small announcement here:

I'm taking part in a comic project called PAPA, which just launched a campaign today on kickstarter. It's a small collection of dark fantasy short stories about fathers and daughters, all written by Vera Greentea. Ben Jelter, Joseph Lacroix, and myself are each illustrating a story for the book.

I'm lucky to be part of a very talented team on this, and I hope anyone interested will check it out! :)

---------->To the kickstarter page!<----------
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Just want to say thanks for all the support people have given me over the past couple months, and heck, all the years before that. I've never been much of a talker, so I don't reply very often, but... reading the comments, seeing the faves and watches and knowing that someone out there actually likes the work I do just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Everyone who's taken the time to give a thoughtful critique, as well. I feel both really lucky and really grateful for all of it. :)

So... Thank you!



Everybody got their new year's resolutions lined up? I've got mine. And I'll even share them, for the heck of it:

1. Draw better pictures.

2. Finally start drawing one of my personal comics. I still have to finish plots and things and do more research for world building purposes, but I'm thinking... summer?

3. Draw moar pictures.

4. Get a plant and don't kill it.


... I think they're pretty reasonable.  

Happy new year!
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It's been years since I posted anything here. Not since I was a teenager! Generally because after I started working along with school, there wasn't any time for personal illustration and my devart page just sort of faded away at the back of my mind. I've missed doing it though, and missed getting feedback.

Devart's sure changed a bit since my last login. The folders thing is quite useful, I was able to organize all my old work by year. I was considering just deleting them all like my journals (since nobody needs to read the thoughts of my dumb teenage self) but I'm too sentimental to do it. So only the particularly ugly ones went. Some of the titles on them though, really. They're awful. Just awful. I intend to change my username at some point as well, to something a little less doofy.

I logged in to a ton of messages, too. I'd really like to get back to the people who commented and sent notes and asked questions, but there were literally over 9000. Some of them from years back. Apologies to everyone who asked something and received no answer :(

I'll try to post new stuff as regularly as possible. Sometimes work is busier than other times, but I won't let myself just stop altogether.

Thanks to anybody who still stops by this dusty old page!